Mandatory practical dog lessons

Course HuV March Thursday 2019

Place. Feldmeilen  Eichholz/Sonnenberg

Thursday: 10.30 - 11.20


21./28. March/4./11./18. April (25. April no class) 2./9./16./23./(30.) May /evtr. 6 June

 (no classes 19-28 April)


Course HuV Mai  Saturday 19

Place: Region Herrliberg Meilen

Saturday 10.15




Course Huv June Thursday 2019

Place: Feldmeilen Eichholz/Sonnenberg

Thursday: 10.30 - 11.20


13/20./27. June/4./11.July/22/29 Aug/5/12/19 Septembre 19

 (no classes 13 July-17 August))


Fee to be paid prior to the first session

HuV- Certificat Fr. 450.--  (10 lessons)

missed lessons can be catched on request for a fee of Fr. 45.--/lesson


In order to obtain the certificate of attendance a minimum of 10 sessions has to be attendet by the owner (not a handler). The 10 sessions have to be taken on the fixed dates.


(HuV: mandatory for dogs born after 31.12.10 and the weight over 16kg or the shoulder height 45cm.)



ZKB 8010 Zürich, zG. K. Grossenbacher, im Streuli 1, Erlenbach

IBAN CH60 0070 0110 0020 8668 0 / Kto 80-151-4


The participants accept the "AGB" (General Terms and Conditions)


Contact and sign up

                                Phone: 044 915 56 67



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