Mandatory classes on saturday - HuV

Classes on Saturday Mornings

in Enlisch and/or German


Place                               Herrliberg /Kittenmühle

Course  SA June  17     10.10 - 11.00

Dates                              24. June/1./8./15. July/

                                        26. Aug/2./9./16./23./30. Sep

  (Summerbreak 16. July-20 Aug)

                                        (subject to alteration)


Course  SA Sept.  17     10.10 - 11.00

Dates                              23.9 (at 11.10)/30.9 (at 11.10)/21.10 (evt)/28.10.


  (Autumnbreak 7.10-20.10)



In order to obtain the certificate of attendance 10 seesions has to be attended by the owner (not a handler!). Missed lessons can be catched up on request.

(Private fr. 110.--/group of 2 per person Fr. 65.--/group of 3 per person fr. 50..--)


If the number of participants should be below a minimum of 3 the course instructor reserves the rigth to cancel the course or change the dates. Should you then be unable to attend, the full course-fee will be refunded.


Fee Fr. 450.--   to be paid in prior the the first session



ZKB 8010 Zürich, zG. K. Grossenbacher, im Streuli 1, Erlenbach

IBAN CH60 0070 0110 0020 8668 0 / Kto 80-151-4


The participants accept the "AGB" (General Terms and Conditions)


Contact and sign up

                                Phone: 044 915 56 67



                                on this website under contact